Locksmith Service Berlin

Tür zugefallen? Ausgesperrt? Wir helfen Ihnen Tür zugefallen?

Locked out?
We help you!

Nothing to worry about, that happens more often than you might imagine.

We offer fast, competent help and open fallen doors in 99% of all cases completely free of any damage.

Lost your car key?
Fallen door or broken key?
We open every front door and car door in a few minutes!

Der Schlüsseldienst hilft in jeder Situation 24 Std. Sofort Service

Our service promise

Our Locksmiths can help in any situation - fast, reliable and inexpensive!

Schlüsseldienst Vermittlung Berlin Schlüsselnotdienst

Give us a call. - No matter what time it is

Our friendly technicians are available
24 hours a day in Berlin and are on the spot within 30 minutes.

030 55578757
(24 Stunden vor Ort in Berlin)

01579 2344211
(24 Stunden mobil erreichbar)

About us

What does the VIP in "VIPKey.de - your Locksmiths in Berlin"?

VIPKey is a free recruitment service for selected lock and key services in Berlin.
Our service includes telephone consultation, as well as, a qualified and affordable locksmith in your area. You'll find all the districts we cover on our area of operation page.
If your district is not listed there because you live for example in a peripheral area of Berlin, that's no problem.
Call us and we will give you a reliable locksmith in Berlin.

How much is the use of a Locksmith Service?

We provide only companies that are successfully established on the market for many years and have received positive reviews from their customers.
First, we take on your address and your exact location. Then we contact a locksmith that is located immediately in your area to keep the travel costs as low as possible.
The basic rule for VIPKey: Cheap and fast support has priority.
The friendly locksmith technician will explain all the costs before starting the work.

The opening of a fallen door is normally relatively quickly and without damage.
The emergency service of the technician is usually done in a few minutes, and the costs are manageable. So you can quickly return to your everyday life again.

Furthermore, wo conduct regular quality checks by telephone.
Your customer satisfaction is our priority and we look forward to your feedback.
We guarantee you the mediation of a reputable locksmith with IHK-registration.

Call us now - we help immediately!

030 55578757
24 Stunden Direktkontakt in Berlin